The Visi Claw cluster

The Visi-Claw cluster was designed by FULL-LAVAL in search of a solution for milking the cows in a parallel or a rotating parlor, where the cows must be milked from behind. Of course this claw can also be used in a herring bone parlor also.

We have observed, during milking that there are several constrains that must be solved when milking a cow from behind:
1. The inlets of the claw must be as close as possible to each other in order to being able attaching it to the teats through the back legs of the cow.

2. The claw must be transparent, so that even a non-professional worker can see all four strips of milk from each liner during milking.

3. The transparent material of this claw must be as unbreakable as possible and still glass transparency must be obtained in order to see the milk inside from each angle.

4. Its inlets towards the liners must be designed in such a degree, to enable milking even old cows with a non-standard and classic udder.

5. The inlets diameter must be as large as possible to support the milk flow of fastest cows in the herd and still be easy to handle by the farmer

6. Its outlet nipple, has to fit normal size of milk tubes (16 mm) and also 22mm tubes very seldom used in such parlors.

7. The claw has to prevent back flushing of milk when one of its liners is slipping.

8. The external size of the claw has to fit even a small hand of the farmer and still has to be able evacuating the milk as fast as possible, never being flooded even at 12 lit. of milk per minute.
All those restrictions were solved when designing this innovative claw.