The The Free Flow Cluster


The new Free – Flow cluster is designed to being able milking also cows with asymmetric teats as well as “classic teats”.
This was possible thanks to its four different positions of its milk inlets , the dairy man can choose according to his type of parlor.

The upper part of the claw can be rotated in four different positions : rear milking , front milking , right side milking , left side milking.
In each of the four positions the liners will be situated differently according to the cow teats , in order to be adapted to the cow’s physiognomy.
The aim of this is to enable the liners being attached to the teats without twisting or pulling them towards the claw position , this way causing ” liners slippage ” , but adapting the claw to the cow’s teats.

The Free – Flow cluster has the ability of milking ” fast ” cows with more than 7 liters milk per minute without being overflowed . The milk gently flows in a spiral shape in and out the claw towards the milk meter or the milk line . In this claw one never sees the milk swinging to and fro inside the claw until evacuated towards the milk tube.
This quality of Free – Flow milking helps the vacuum level in the liners steady , without almost any fluctuations , and slippage of the liners.

Its capacity is 450 CC , the claw is made of strong and transparent food approved materials and lighter than any existing claws.
Thanks to the fact that its nipples are transparent , the dairy man can easily observe the milk flow out of each liner to the bottom of the claw . This enables the dairy man to see during the milking if any of the teats do not milk , or blood flowing to the claw.
Using this claw one can be sure there is no ” cross contamination ” , each stream of milk out of each liner is conducted to the outlet of the claw , being unable to return back to other teats even if a slippage of liner occurs . This fact can easily being observed during milking.

Technical Data:
Weight of complete cluster 1608 grams
Weight of the claw with S/S fork 396 grams
Weight of claw with PSU fork 300 grams
Outlet ID 18 mm
Outlet OD