Hibrid Cluster

The Hybrid claw is designed and patented by Full laval company.
This new claw was designed specially for milking cows from behind , in parallel or rotating milking parlors where the cluster must be attached to the cow’s teats from behind , between the rear legs .
Outstanding advantages of the Hybrid claw
This new claw has two separate chambers inside where the milk is separated between the left and right sides of the cow’s teat , being evacuated to the milk meter separately.
This improvement serves to prevent turbulation of the milk inside the claw which may affect the high flow of the milk with cows that have a higher flow of 12 lit per min.
In addition to this improvement , the nipples of this claw, and the liners attached to them are arranged to fall prior to being attached to the cow’s teats , two forward and two backward of the claw , this way making it easier to attach the cluster between the rear legs of the cow which are normally close to each other leaving a very small space to introduce the cluster.
This claw is made of an unbreakable special material , yet transparent to observe the flow of the milk .