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30 years of creativity, quality and experience

30 years of creativity, quality and experience

The Full- Laval company was founded in 1985 by Silvianu Ran , assembling of milking parlors produced and supplied by De Laval Sweden.
Ran Silvianu was trained as a De Laval expert in Tumba , Sweden .
Since 1995 , the company specialized in producing innovative milking parts , in special milking clusters and milking inflations , which are still produced by the company nowdays .
Two of the milking claws were patented , Free Flow claw and Visi Claw , both of them made of a strong durable transparent plastic , which enables the milker observing the milk flow from the teats before being evacuated to the milk meter .
The company has its own designed inflations , used with those two types of clusters , STR-2 and STR4 , exporting them as part of the clusters all over the world for several years .

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creativity / 100%
quality / 100%
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